This paperwork is a pedagogic proposal of a cognitive methodology that develops an inner natural tactic within each individual. During the practical session we will develop simple but key systematizations of experiences faced from a global cognitive perspective. We are introducing a progessive method of the several driving practices generated during the learning-training Personal Defense sessions.

There are very many disciplines approaching Personal Defense: Karate, Judo, Tai-Jitsu, Hap-Kido, Ju-Jitsu…..but up to now there has only been one methodology used: the behaviourist one.

This methodology, that can and in fact is, valid at the very beginning when learning the basic tecnic guidelines, is no longer valid under my perspective, when trying to develop a tactic adapted to all practitioners. In order to achieve this I am propossing a brand new pedagogic and methodology for teaching and coaching Karate, Tai-Jitsu and the other Martial Arts, Personal Defense oriented.

This new methodology is meant to provide the practitioner an active participation in his/her learning and decision making process, generating coaching situations claiming his/her being as a person who thinks, feels and behaves. Through this dinamization process, each pupil will develop his/her capacity to adapt and give answers, expected or unexpected, to the different situations faced. In this sense, it is key to create in each pupil a wide psicomotriz basis, resourcefull, enabling the capacity to react and adapt him/herself in a smart way towards any non standard brain-motor situation.

I support this technic versatility to be applied or adapted to all situations. From a cognitive perspective we will contribute to create free fighters, capables and smarts both tactic and strategicly, providing them with a tactic aligned with his/her psyche and behaviour interests.

In order to select, stablish, and achieve the objectives in an effective way, it is neccesary to combine the process by which the movement grip is achieved, thus the intention pursued.

Summarizing, each individual can find a personal meaning and a personalized aplication aligned to his/her morfologic, physical, personality, etc… needs, by adapting the external technical compendium to their inner conditions and personal factors. The aim is to adapt the Art to the person and not the person to the Art, as this is something biological, physic and fisiologically impossible.

Joaquín Muñiz González
C.N. 5º DA;. National Coach.
Tai-Jitsu F.E.K. National Director.
Sportif High Performance Master Degree.