From the Department of Tai-Jitsu of the Spanish Federation of Karate, we have elaborated a project with the purpose of expanding the Tai-Jitsu discipline in the different Autonomous Communities in which at the present time this practice is not being given or it is not very well-known.

We commit ourselves to collaborate and to contribute with all our effort in making that this project gets on and that in three years' time there is a substantial amount of Black Belts of Tai-Jitsu in those places where it is developed.

The Tai-Jitsu is a discipline associated in Spain to the F.E.K. from the year 1978 and it contains not only fist and leg atemis but also locks, chokes, throws and immobilizations, everything aimed at the Personal Defense.

With this project the Autonomous Federations of Karate and their trainers will be able to cover this type of disciplines more guided toward the Personal Defense. This happens in such a way that nowadays there are many Martial Artists that are attending courses of other disciplines in order to improve their classes and to settle their own doubts and their students. But it is rarely made following a methodology, on the contrary it stays in odd courses where some techniques are picked up without following an evolutionary, logical scheme whose purpose is the adequate knowledge as to start classes of a new activity in the gym.

To carry out courses directed to trainers so that they can impart Tai-Jitsu Personal Defense in their gyms, with a deep knowledge of contents and grounds, which will contribute to the success of the classes and the attainment of objectives.

Therefore, we offer a method which allows not only to teachers but also to their students to go into in the Tai-Jitsu discipline in a methodical and gradual way and with the knowledge of the physical and biomechanics basic principles that sustain these techniques and this work. In that way a gradual and systematic progression will be possible until obtaining the technical skills demanded for the exam of Black Belt 1st DAN.

The project is made of three courses of Tai-Jitsu along the year for a period of three years, (three licenses), and with length of time of 6 or 9 h. each one, in which the basic contents, kihon and practical applications of the Tai-Jitsu will be adapted to the situations of Personal Defense. At the end of each course an exam about the technical realization and the understanding of the given programme will be taken.

The courses will be organized by Federations or Clubs and taught by the National Director of Tai-Jitsu. They are directed to Black Belt taijitsuka with degree of Trainer with the purpose of teaching them as Black Belt 1st DAN of Tai-Jitsu and to educate them as trainers of Tai-Jitsu of the Spanish Federation of Karate.

- To know the historical backgrounds, Spirit Budo, characteristics and so on of the Tai-Jitsu discipline.
- To know and to have a good command of the different techniques of Tai-Jitsu that are taught until finishing the four courses of the programme of Black Belt.
- To know the physical and mechanical principles that sustain the good movement of each technical group (throws, locks, chokes, immobilizations and so on).
- To know the evolution of the methods and theory of teaching the techniques of Tai-Jitsu and their pedagogic principles, as well as their more advisable didactic and pedagogic progression.
- To work the techniques of Tai-Jitsu in application and to develop from a perspective of Open Tasks the mechanisms of adaptation and necessary adjustment for this application.

Joaquín Muñiz González.
National Director of Tai-Jitsu
Spanish Federation of Karate